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X-Guard Sweep to Armlock
Added: 27th October 2007
Posted By: mick
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Butterfly guard pop-up to X-Guard, spring-sweep to side control, to cross-side spinning armlock

Tags: X Guard Sweep Armlock
x guard kneebar
Added: 3rd February 2008
Posted By: mick
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Jiu Jitsu technique from the X-guard I came up with, again not saying I invented the move

Tags: jui jitsu x guard kneebar
X-Guard Pendulum Sweep
Added: 11th April 2009
Posted By: mick
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This is a way to sweep your opponent while going from Butterfly Guard to X-Guard and then getting a pendulum sweep from the X-Guard

Tags: X Guard Pendulum Sweep bjj
Establishing X-Guard from the Electric Chair Lockdown
Added: 24th May 2009
Posted By: mick
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This is a way to set up the X-Guard from either the lockdown or the electric chair sweep. This is pretty simple and an easy way to establish the X Guard without having your opponent pass your half guard

Tags: mma x guard electric chair
BJJ Technique - The X-Guard
Added: 20th March 2010
Posted By: mma
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Here\'s BJJ Blackbelt Jeff Joslin teaching the first technique in a series of attacks from the X-Guard Position. Jeff has used the x-guard with great success in BJJ, Submission wrestling and MMA competition/training

Tags: bjj x guard technique video x-guard wrestling