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Gracie Insider - Guillotine Defense
Added: 5th October 2008
Posted By: mma
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Ryron and Rener Gracie, head instructors of the world famous Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Torrance, CA, teach how to properly defend a guillotine choke from standing and if they pull guard.

Tags: Guillotine Defense bjj Gracie Jiu Jitsu
Standing Rear Choke Escape
Added: 9th October 2007
Posted By: TheMaster
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RNC escape from standing: Trap, turn, and Throw

Tags: Rear Choke Escape
Wing Chun Kung Fu Force Generation
Added: 19th October 2007
Posted By: mick
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this video has some really awesome demonstrations. The full video is available there, but I borrowed a few parts and slowed them down. There are some excellent clips of what Wing Chun is capable of in the right hands. There's a kicking demonstration, followed by Sifu Jim Fung's chum-kiu and...

Tags: wing chun kung fu
One Inch Punch Documentary
Added: 26th October 2007
Posted By: TheMaster
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Something I've heard over and over here is the fact that the OIP is not being used in the UFC. That is true but as Cameron said in the interview, you can't just view the one inch punch as a trick or a fancy fight ender. You will never find your opponent standing still waiting to be hit as you get...

Tags: jkd one inch punch documentary
Standing up from guard for BJJ and MMA
Added: 1st November 2007
Posted By: mick
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A quick clip on three methods I use to stand up from guard - two from butterfly guard, one from spider guard. Can be used for either BJJ or MMA. Apologies for poor sound quality

Tags: Standing guard BJJ MMA
Self Defense - Hip Heist
Added: 19th November 2007
Posted By: mick
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When you drop your guard, whichever foot you keep on the ground must be solidly planted in order to give you the leverage you need to perform your hip heist. Use your elbow to help you sit up and your attacker’s shoulder as a way to push off once you’ve placed your foot on their hip....

Tags: Self DefenseHip Heist
Self Defense technique The Eye Strike
Added: 12th March 2008
Posted By: mma
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This is the #1 Self Defense Technique for Women's Self Defense, or for anyone for that matter. You are face to face with a menacing stranger. You try to stay calm and deescalate the conflict but he clearly want to hurt you. You know you can't beat him in a match of strength, but you have no...

Tags: self defense eye strike jab
Defence on ground against kick attack
Added: 17th November 2008
Posted By: mick
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Here I am in a vulnerable position, on my hands and knees on the ground, with the attacker standing to my side and then he kicks towards my head or body

Tags: bjj kick defense
Escaping the Wrestlers Headlock (Standing)
Added: 22nd November 2008
Posted By: mma
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In this video, I demonstrate how to escape the standing headlock while someone is trying to punch you

Tags: headlock escape bjj
Standing choke from behind defense
Added: 14th March 2009
Posted By: mick
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a defense when a standing rear choke is on

Tags: choke defense rear