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RMAX Sambo Leg Full Nelson Crucifix
Added: 9th October 2007
Posted By: TheMaster
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Viking Choke Fake from Omoplata pass To Leg Full Nelson Crucifix

Tags: Full Nelson Crucifix
combat sambo
Added: 18th October 2007
Posted By: mick
Views: 990
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amazing sambo techniques promotional video

Tags: combat sambo
Ceaser Gracie Oma Plata
Added: 8th November 2007
Posted By: mick
Views: 551
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Instruction on getting the oma plata from the triangle

Tags: gracie omo plata triangle
Human Weapon - Judo - Tomoe Nage
Added: 2nd December 2007
Posted By: mick
Views: 1388
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This is a Breakdown of a Move shown on the Tv show ' Human Weapon

Tags: Judo Tomoe Nage
Butterfly Guard with Overhook Submissions
Added: 15th January 2008
Posted By: mick
Views: 494
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The submission game from butterfly guard with an overhook

Tags: bjj butterfly guard overhook omo plata armbar
Leg Locks from the Omo-Plata
Added: 29th December 2008
Posted By: mma
Views: 523
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This video shows how to set up a series of leg locks when your opponent uses the the front roll escape from your omo-plata.

Tags: Leg Locks Omo Plata BJJ
BJJ Omoplata Sweep
Added: 6th March 2009
Posted By: mma
Views: 835
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sweep from the omoplata position for bjj

Tags: bjj omoplata sweep
Omoplata Submission MMA Technique
Added: 26th May 2008
Posted By: mma
Views: 619
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Pro MMA training and technique advice! Learn how to do an umplata submission hold

Tags: Omoplata MMA
Catch Wrestling - Submission Over Position
Added: 11th October 2008
Posted By: mick
Views: 847
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From The Lost Art of Hooking 5-DVD set, an answer to misunderstood idea that catch wrestling promotes submission over position. To an extent this is true -- catch wrestlers will surrender a superior position if they can get a submission, but only if they have control of the opponent. It is this...

Tags: Catch Wrestling Submission Position
Leg Locks from Omo-Plata
Added: 30th October 2010
Posted By: TheMaster
Views: 1158
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A demonstration for getting the leg lock from the oma-plata position. BJJ technique video

Tags: leg locks bjj omo plata omo-plata