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Sambo Throw - Forward Leg Sweep
Added: 30th December 2009
Posted By: mma
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Another Sambo throw combination from the over/under (50/50) position for nogi submission wrestling or MMA. This throw is the very effective forward leg sweep using a front trip as a set-up (in judo this would be sasae tsurikomi ashi to yama arashi)

Tags: Sambo Throw Forward Leg Sweep
Toby imada shows the reverse triangle
Added: 19th February 2010
Posted By: mma
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Winner of the 2009 submission of the year award Toby Imada shows off his reverse triangle with super star Penny thomas

Tags: judo reverse triangle submission
Sensei Julian Aprile - Basic Stepping
Added: 3rd September 2010
Posted By: mick
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San Do Kuen Martial Arts, Self Defense Footwork

Tags: San Do Kuen Self Defense Footwork