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Sals Lower body
Owner: sal_scot
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lower body attacks

Sambo Leg Lock re-counter against spinning escape
Added: 10th August 2008
Posted By: mma
Views: 1155
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a technique to finish a toe hold or ankle lock when someone tries to spin out of your leg control.

Tags: sambo toe hold leg lock spin
leglock catch wrestling
Added: 13th December 2008
Posted By: mma
Views: 1120
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a leg lock technique in catch wrestling

Tags: leglock catch wrestling
Catch Wrestling - Submission Over Position
Added: 11th October 2008
Posted By: mick
Views: 847
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From The Lost Art of Hooking 5-DVD set, an answer to misunderstood idea that catch wrestling promotes submission over position. To an extent this is true -- catch wrestlers will surrender a superior position if they can get a submission, but only if they have control of the opponent. It is this...

Tags: Catch Wrestling Submission Position