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muay thai

Muay Thai training - front kick
Added: 15th October 2007
Posted By: mick
Views: 1650
Comments: 1

muay thai training, kickboxing, instruction front kick technique

Tags: Muay Thai front kick
Donnie B: Old Style Muay Thai Attack Techniques
Added: 22nd November 2008
Posted By: donnieb
Views: 2997
Comments: 1

Use the flower technique to get past your opponent's guard. Great entry for elbow strikes, knees, headbutts. See more old style muay thai techniques at

Tags: muay thai attack technique muay thai elbows muay baron strikes offense self defense
Karate Knife Straight Attack Defense
Added: 20th March 2009
Posted By: mick
Views: 2530
Comments: 2

Learn to defend yourself from a knife straight attack effectively

Tags: karate knife defense
Muay Thai training - kicks
Added: 7th November 2007
Posted By: TheMaster
Views: 907
Comments: 1

basic technique for one style of muay thai kick

Tags: Muay Thai kicks
Muay Thai techniques for MMA
Added: 13th February 2009
Posted By: mma
Views: 1448
Comments: 0

Mike Parker teaches Muay Thai for Mixed Martial Arts

Tags: muay thai mma
Old Style Muay Thai Elbow Defense Techniques
Added: 18th November 2008
Posted By: donnieb
Views: 3027
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Donnie B. demonstrates various old style muay thai techniques used to defend against elbow strikes. Learn more at

Tags: muay thai technique elbow defense defence tactics kickboxing blocks blocking streetfighting ledrit baron muay chao chur