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Arte Marcial Latino Karate Do
Tags: Karate arte marciales shotokan
Created: 9th July 2008
Status: Public

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All students, instructors and those interested in the Shorin Ryu style of Karate may join this group.
Tags: shorin ryu karate martial arts japanese okinawan karatedo
Created: 6th August 2008

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Tags: mulberry handbags mulberry handbags sale mulberry handbags uk mulberry purse mulberry bags
Created: 20th November 2012
Status: Public

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Created: 16th April 2008
Status: Public

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Learn the Basic of different Martial Arts Techniques and Styles
Tags: free martial arts lesson, basic martial arts, karate, kung-fu, tae-kwon-do, gung-fu, modern arnis
Created: 23rd January 2009
Status: Public

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martial system based on okinawan karate(shotokan, gojuryu & isshinryu..) ; Corean martial arts(Taekwondo, Tang soo, hwarang..) & some grappling techniques
Created: 20th September 2008
Status: Public

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Created: 27th April 2008
Status: Public

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Korean martial art of self defense
Created: 16th July 2009
Status: Public

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Brazilian martial art
Tags: capoeira, brasil
Created: 12th March 2008
Status: Public

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We take Karate is the U.S. so far josh thats me im a green belt with a blue stripe that is called a 5th gup and aaron kumitechamp is a 1st dan aka 1st deggree black belt.
Tags: Frends 4 life
Created: 21st May 2008
Status: Protected

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