Jeet Kune Do Combination Moves
Added: 10th August 2008
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Learn Simple and Combination Techniques for Jeet Kune Do

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Marine Corps Martial Arts Documentary Part 3 of 5
Added: 13th April 2009
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After the study ran in the spring of 2000 at Camp Pendleton, California, the MCMAP was established, with its headquarters at the Marine Corps base in Quantico, Virginia. According to Marine Corps Order 1500.54, which established the MCMAP, the program was a synergy of mental, character, and...

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Hold Duration for Judo Throw
Added: 8th May 2009
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Get the advantage in judo. Learn how to do variation throw drill in competitive judo in this free video clip on marital arts

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Boxing for the street - Left Hook
Added: 24th October 2007
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Swivel your hips withe the hook and you'll have much more power

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Sambo Technique - Single Leg Taekdown
Added: 18th October 2007
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Vadim Kolganov, Master of Sport displays simple leg hook takedown (no jacket)

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Kung Fu Double Palm Block and Reverse Punch
Added: 7th August 2008
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In kung fu, the double palm block and reverse punch is an excellent fighting maneuver to utilize against an opponent's round kick

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Pressure Point Fighting to the head
Added: 26th September 2008
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How to apply pressure point fighting techniques to the head area

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Anaconda Choke:Escape
Added: 9th October 2007
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Gator Roll out of the Anaconda Choke, using basic wrestling movement

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Judo Thows
Added: 26th September 2009
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a number of different Judo throws

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Double Hand Push Tai Chi Exercise Purpose
Added: 13th July 2008
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The double hand push tai chi exercise is one that focuses on strengthening the sensitivity of your body. Learn tips on how to practice this tai chi exercise from an expert

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